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Travelling around the world doesn’t mean you live in paradise every single day. Some days you have a horrible accommodation, or your transportation is not going smoothly and you loose hours or even days. Or sometimes you are just not feeling well and all you want is being home in your own bed.

Linda had been ill on and off for 6 weeks and it was time to get a routine and some rest to see if that would help her getting better. Thailand was our pick for this, so we stayed here 3 weeks. After arriving in Krabi, south Thailand, Linda’s condition unfortunately got worse and she had a terrible fever. A check up in the hospital was needed to make sure she had no tropical desease like malaria. Luckily all was ok and bedrest was the only solution. And so we did!

After 5 days she was slowly starting to feel better, so we travelled onwards to our initial destination, Koh Lanta. Linda stayed on this island 13 years ago and was looking forward to go back. Many things changed (there is now a paved road!) but the relaxed island vibe remained the same. Our days here consisted of sleeping, having the best breakfast and lunch in the whole of Thailand a bit of beach time and exercise. It was time to get sweaty in the gym!

Thank you Fit on Lanta for our great workouts and the fun we had while visiting your CrossFit box.

And thank you Fruit Tree Lodge for making our stay so nice with the best coffee, granola and homemade bread each and every day.

We had a great time and started to feel home on this beautiful island. Linda was finally feeling great so after 3 weeks it was time to hit the road again!

Our main reason to go back to Asia after our short visit home was the Philippines. But before we headed there, we spent a weekend in Singapore. It was great to discover the best coffee shops, nice hidden restaurants and watching the latest Mazerunner movie in the Cinema! Hylke was a happy man to see all the beautiful architecture and skyline. And he could finally dig in his favorite comfort food again after all the rice and noodles: French fries with truffle oil and parmesan cheese!

During our travels in Tibet in June 2017 we met Boon, Angela and their daughter Amber from Singapore. We had a great evening and exchanged contact details and promised to contact them when we visited Singapore. It took a bit longer than expected but we were very happy to meet this beautiful family again in their home country. We had a fantastic dinner at their amazing house and we had an evening full of laughter and travel stories. We were so busy enjoying every minute that we forgot to take a photo, he he. Thank you Boon, Angela, Amber and Ethan for your great hospitality! Until we meet again somewhere in the world...!

Next blog will be our island hopping adventures in the Philippines...