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After hearing so many good stories about this world famous journey, we could finally board train number 20 of the Trans Mongolian Railway!

We leave busy Moscow behind and in a couple of hours we are able to experience the endlesness of the country. We realize again: Russia is huge...

After a good night's sleep we meet our roomie Jørgen from Norway, who was kindly requested to leave his cabin by the very proud, older Russian guy named Viktor, who turned out to be an amazing kind and generous person.

Spending 4 days in the train is like living in a bubble. Meeting extraordinary people, making new Russian friends and drinking vodka, vodka and some more vodka. Every stop along the trail is a nice break to buy food from the Babushka's and to stretch our legs. Sometimes we even went for a run with our Russian neighbour Mischa!

An absolute highlight was celebrating Victory Day on the 9th of May with the locals. During a little party we could see how proud (and loud!) the Russians are, but above all we enjoyed their great hospitality and we are very happy they shared this special moment with us.

A big thanks to Jørgen, Viktor, Nikolai, Mischa, Maya and all the other ones for an amazing trip. It was epic!

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Luckily we are only half way. First some time to recover and taking a nice hot shower (yes, Siberia is cold!!) at the shores of Lake Baikal.

During our stay in Listvyanka we hiked along an old part of the Trans Mongolian Railway in Port Baikal. This part is not officially in use anymore due to floods in the past, but nevertheless it is still very pretty!