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What should have been a visa run to Kuala Lumpur for a couple of days, ended up in almost 3 weeks in Malaysia. We didn't travel through the whole of Malaysia, but only to the capital and two tropical islands.

Kuala Lumpur is one of the main hubs for travelling through South East Asia. It's also a melting pot where east meets west. We wandered from one big shopping mall to the other and enjoyed excellent local and western food. VCR Galloway and Merchant's Lane were our favorite places to grab a decent cup of coffee and enjoy delicious and "healthy" food.

The good accessibility of Kuala Lumpur makes it easy to meet friends. Friends from home and friends we met during travels. It was so good to catch up with al of them!

After a few days in the big city we stayed a short week at Tioman Island, which is the opposite of busy Kuala Lumpur. This island is very laid back and there is not a lot to do. Sleep, eat, beach, swim and repeat is what our days looked like here, not complaining.

The reason we spent more time in Malaysia was because of the wedding of Linda's best friend in Holland. She travelled back to Holland for a couple of days to surprise her bestie. And a surprise it was!

Hylke waited in the Perhentians and killed his time with some diving and relaxing. A hard life... he he.

Despite the good food, nice malls, excellent roads and other well organized things of Malaysia, Indonesia was calling again. We look forward to continue our travels here, as Indonesia has stolen our hearts...!