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As passionate divers one of our dreams was finally coming true... a 4-day liveaboard diving trip to Komodo National Park! This was, together with Mount Kelimutu, the main reason for our Flores and Komodo visit.

We decided to fly to East Flores first. During the flight to Maumere we got a little teaser of our dive trip with a beautiful birds eye view of the many islands and blue coral reefs of Komodo. We couldn’t wait!

During this world trip we already visited many islands in Indonesia and we noticed that every island is different with its own vibe. Flores is very relaxed and not as developed as other places we have been. The people gave us a feel we arrived in Jamaica! Loud Bob Marley music, dancing on the streets and many of the locals have rasta hair... is this Indonesia?!

Flores is one of the driest islands, but luckily we visited the parts that were still very green. We liked the island and the different vibe from the beginning!

After a relaxed start in Maumere we travelled south. We stayed a few days in a lovely and quiet mountain village: Moni. Here you find beautiful rice fields, waterfalls and greener than green mountains. Plus a good coffee shop, always a plus!

The second day of our stay we woke up before sunrise to see the beautiful crater lakes of Kelimutu. We were amazed by this surreal landscape and the quietness of this area. We had a simple breakfast of banana bread and coffee at the top, but with such a view it was the best breakfast we had in ages! We were very lucky with the weather. We had stunning views of the blue lakes and surrounding mountains with clouds coming in and going out all the time. We couldn’t stop making photos....

....and we made new friends! :)

After relaxing a couple of days in Labuan Bajo, the gateway to Komodo National Park, we could finally board the Weta Molas of Divine Diving. Our home for the next 4 days!

These days consisted of sailing between Rinca and Komodo Island, crazy dives in blue water with amazing coral reefs, abundant fish life (including many sharks!!), delicious food, beautiful sunsets, playing music and singing with the crew, watching the Komodo dragons and relaxing.

Thank you Eloise, Julien, Michel, Manon, Gaella, Sebastian and the whole crew of Divine diving for making this trip a once of lifetime experience.

Unfortunately we missed the manta rays so maybe we have to go back... ;)

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