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The first weeks in China we spent in Beijing and Tibet. What to do with our last days of our visa and the whole of China yet to discover? Making choices is key...

Our visit to the ancient city of Pingyao was pretty easy. The new high speed trains in China are cheap, accessible, comfortable en fast. The city felt a bit like 'Volendam of China'. Chinese folklore at its best. We enjoyed good food, a very nice atmosphere and a nice foot massage!

When they offer good coffee and delicious food we like it everywhere :)

Around Guilin in the south of China we could see some of the beautiful landscapes and nature in this huge country. Exploring the Karst Mountains of Yangshuo by foot, bike and scooter was great. Same for climbing and hiking the Longji Rice Terraces in Ping'an.

Through the whole of China we meet lots of nice locals. Despite some little language problems we get along very well :)

We ended like we started in China: in the big city. First in Shenzhen and finally in Hong Kong. Although there is still so much more to see in China, we have decided to leave the rest of China for later. Because of the rainy season and the start of the summer holiday season for the Chinese we think it would be best to come back another month. Also, it became time to spend some time in Paradise.... Indonesia here we come!

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